Introducing Time Goes By

Dear Readers,

I’d like to break precedent.  Instead of discussing my own ideas, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful new friend and resource.

I’ve recently gotten to know Ronni Bennett,  who a mutual acquaintance calls the Empress of Aging.  Her Time Goes By , is the most delightful and informative blog on aging that you will find on the net.  She keeps you up to date on news and strategic thinking about aging, health care, and the politics of both.  Her blog often takes the form of moving, hilarious, and personal essays, written with a light and deft hand, through links to tv programs, webinars, John Oliver-type humorists, and music to remind us of the nineteen fifties, sixties, and seventies.  In a recent conversation, Ronni confessed that she was imprinted by Ed Sullivan and her blog does, in fact, serve as a variety show for our generation—and others.  You’ll love it.



2 thoughts on “Introducing Time Goes By”

  1. Morning Barry, I tried to leave a comment (see below this note) but I have an ancient, probably 10 year old account with WordPress from when I was testing it once, and they’re requiring that I sign in to post a comment. I don’t have any idea what my password was a decade ago and four guesses failed. Here’s what I meant to say: Oh, Barry, aren’t you kind. Since our culture won’t deal with it honestly, I’m just trying to find out and report a bit on what it’s really like to get old. As to Chuck’s “empress of aging,” there is also the Baltimore Sun reporter who, years ago, suggested I could describe myself as “international bloviator on all things aging.” It still makes me laugh. It’s a pleasure getting to know you long distance too. Ronni Bennett Email: Phone: 212.242.0184 Blog: Time Goes By


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