Talk About Aging Discussions

Dear friends,

I’m writing to let you know what’s happening with the Talk About Aging group(s).  Your response was heartening.  We have enough people to fill a group or two.  There are, however, some complicating factors.

First, there are three couples who would like to attend as couples, and I think that one group would do best with only couples.  That means we need to find two more couples.

Second, most of the people who said “count me in” are women.  It would be great to have a gender mix.  Might you invite a few men.

Third, since I know a number of you, I don’t feel comfortable charging to facilitate the groups, which means they will be free.

Fourth, after talking with people, it seems best for groups to meet every other week—enough to sustain momentum; not so much to stretch people’s schedules.  Both will begin in September.  Details to follow.

Fifth, let’s take this off-line and communicate through my regular email:  It’s more private.

Can’t wait to get started,



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