Many of you tell me that you send my essays to your friends and your parents, among others.  A father in Taiwan.  A mother in Alaska.  A friend next door.  It’s extraordinarily satisfying to imagine my essays stimulating thoughts within you and conversations with others.  It’s why I write.

So I have a request: please pass the blog to one other person.  If each of you pass on word of the blog and the information about how to access it ( then press the Follow button on the right side), I would be very grateful.



4 thoughts on “”

  1. Done. I shared your recent Decluttering the Mind post as well to our Facebook and Twitter. I appreciated your re-introducing yourself Barry. I only discovered your blog in the last year or two, so I’m going back into your older posts and rediscovering some gems!


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mary, and thanks for posting the blog on your media homes. I’m sure that we will continue to fill and declutter our lives in tandem.


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